Register your .radio domain!

Starting tomorrow, if you belong to the radio sector, you can register a new .radio domain, easily recognisable and dedicated to the radio world!

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Register your .radio domain!

Identify your radio activity online, take the opportunity to be among the first to register your .radio domain!
Starting tomorrow, November 15, anyone will be able to register a .radio domain, provided they belong to the radio sector!

The registration of a .radio domain is, in fact, reserved exclusively for radio stations, web radios, amateur radios, radio service providers, companies and people who have a specific interest in the sector.

Holders of a .am and/or .fm domain, very often used to identify online radios, will now be able to benefit from a new domain that best suits their radio activity, and add to their domain portfolio!

What are you waiting for? Register your name immediately under the radio extension to promote your radio and affirm your online presence!

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